Tuesday, December 02, 2008

George Foreman is concerned about your health.

--G5 grill from George Foreman--

After prolonged procrastination, I decided to attend one day cooking class. Don't laugh at me please because, "Mom, do you need to learn at this age" question you may entertain.

The story goes like this: My husband suddenly picked up a liking for grilled food after he tasted a grilled vegetable sandwich.

Now he wants me to learn to use a sophisticated grill so that he can order (how dare) me to make him a grilled dish daily.

To pacify me, he bought a sleek looking G5 grill from George Foreman who has sold almost 100 million grills so far. He even managed to buy a recipe book full of grilled food.

For healthy grilling, he gathered a few ingredients too, claiming that he researched for them. I am sure he got them from the recipe book he bought.

Why males are still chauvinistic?

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