Friday, December 05, 2008

Earn $25 per blog post.

Had you visited this blog in he last two days and had you been alert enough to have looked at the ads by Google, you would have noticed one ad with the title, "We buy article posts".

Personal Money Store is what it is-a money store where one can apply for personal loan and gets it in two hours. They disburse payday loans and also offer their credit repair services.

But they are also inviting articles from freelance writers. They are paying an average of $25 per article which equals about $.05 cents per word (excluding words such as: a, and, I, it, has, had, etc).

What they are looking for is technical writing as well as common sense writing and also humorous articles. The are article should have 525 words. They have mentioned a bunch of rules about the article they are expecting. Quite scary!

Please submit all articles through email.
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