Monday, January 19, 2009

All blogs get found.

It works like this. Scoutle allots a crawling robot. Wherever you go in the web, it follows you.

It then remembers your basic interest in the Internet. It then goes on his own for a while, crawls the web and bring you visitors to your blog.

And who are these visitors. They are the ones who have visited the websites you have also visited.

Isn't that a genius concept in Internet marketing?

Go to and first read 'how it works in detail'.
To quote them:
"You create a Scout that will walk all over the Internet for you, searching and indexing interesting websites while in the meantime he promotes your own website."

This can be an excellent avenue for bloggers to promote their blogs. This can evolve in to a great blogging community.

This concept needs a plug from all the bloggers. Will you?
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