Saturday, January 17, 2009

What can you buy at Reid Supply?

My son had been under our van for more than 30 minutes. The van, whose groans we have been ignoring, finally stopped complaining and stared at us on the middle of nowhere. My son’s limited automotive knowledge and my husband’s persistent reminders that he replaced the ball lock pins only recently were not enough to get the vehicle back up on the road.
My son finally retorted back at his father that his untimely expenditure on ball lock pins won’t move the van and there is something else wrong with the vehicle.
After two hours, an angel sent by God in the form of an ambulance, heard our SOS and agreed to tow back the stranded machine and the human beings to the nearest gas station.
God was also kind as he ensured to dispatch an empty ambulance on our way. For a change, it was broad day light instead of a dark night when such mishaps happen usually.
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