Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flipping blogs to earn online.

Did you notice a sudden spurt in the Internet in earning money by flipping blogs? Or is it only me who is seeing ads, blog posts everywhere on blog flipping? Am I gearing up towards blog flipping?

I think so. After seeing and reading information about how to make money by blog flipping, the idea might have seeped into me. I had in fact gave away PR3 blogs free of cost to a few friends of mine. I realize now that had I sold them, I could be debt free now.

If you search for information on blog flipping, you won't find any worthy guidelines in the Internet. It seems the authors about blog flipping are also testing the waters.

I hear you. Yes, I too am testing the waters through this blog post. Let me see if I come across any good material on blog flipping.
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