Friday, January 02, 2009

Earn by writing blog posts.

Create Buzz Online is the latest entrant in the blog advertising medium. So, as of now, there are 32 websites that pay bloggers to blog. Quite a count-eh?

When I started blogging in the year 2005, there were only about 6 Internet marketing companies in the 'get paid to post' sector. It has been steadily growing since then. But there are quite a few companies that are struggling now to get advertisers while some have grown big.

Create Buzz Online, is the first Indian company in the blog advertising industry. They launched about a month ago when I was invited to register my blogs with them. They took a long time to give me the first paid assignment.

The expect the blog post to be with 200 to 250 words which I feel is long and not advisable though I complied when I wrote two blog posts for their first assignment which are worth about $6 per post. They pay in INR by cheque.

The approval time is also not quick but I believe it will pick up in future. They are a 'just born' company. Give them a hug please.
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