Monday, January 05, 2009

Increase link popularity instantly.

Opinion may differ but there is a semblance of truth in the effectiveness of increasing the link popularity through reciprocal link exchange.

There is a widespread opinion that reciprocal link exchange has fallen out of Google's favoritism. Why then Google is giving a widget to host your own blogroll in your blog? Some (many?) say that reciprocal link exchange should be done with only related blogs.

I beg to differ. I really like to visit several blogs on a regular basis that are not in my blog's niche. Why shouldn't I include them in the list of my favorites?

Blogosphere is a big community of helping each other and I think it is ethical to exchange links with the blogs I like.

If you agree with me, use Links Pal to exchange links. It is free. You can exchange links with blogs in your niche also as the links are neatly categorized.
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