Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quickly build readership to your blog.

I was grossly mistaken long before while trying to earn money by blogging. I totally ignored the importance of building up readership to my blogs and just concentrated on earning money.

Years of blogging, reading thousands of blog posts and participating in blogger forums taught me valuable lessons. I can't say I have built up a huge database of readers but it is slowly growing.

Today, I found out an useful way to increase regular visitors to my blogs. If you want to have a look in, please create a blog with Blog Stream. Forget about monetizing your free blog for once and just concentrate on providing quality content that will steadily lure people to your blog.

Then start steering them to your other blogs that you have set up to earn money.

Now, please go to Blog Stream and create your free blog. Please note that there are nearly 70,ooo members that have totally created 3, 66,000 blog posts. Blog Stream takes pain to promote your blog.

Do you see the potential?
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