Monday, February 02, 2009

Promote your blog effortlessly.

So, another innovative idea has come up to promote our blogs. The basic concept is traffic exchange.

Who offers this facility?
Ads Flip.

How it works?
Sign up for a free account.
Get a code and place it on your blog's sidebar.
A banner is displayed by this action.
Each time your blog is viewed, you earn 1 point.
You must accumulate some minimum points.
Then, you are allowed to create a banner or text ad for your products or services.
Place the ad created in's system.
Your ad is then automatically placed in fellow members' blogs and your earned credit used up at 1:1 ratio.
Unlike traffic exchanges, you need not surf to earn credits.

Ads Flip is a simple website with very clear instructions on how their system works. Very easy to understand slides shows are given.
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