Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Which rug is right for you?

The batch of 2009 has started and as usual the admissions are on in full swing. Every year at this time, I will be loaded with funds. February is the month when I plan for big purchases.

Due to constant pestering by my son, I refurbished the sofa set. They look absolutely marvelous and inviting to sink in its comfort. The living room turned grand but something seemed to be lacking in the overall beauty.

Yes! A rug is what that is missing. I am sure a lovely red carpet would enhance the look of the refurbished sofa set.

But I had no idea about rugs, their quality and price. I even didn’t know what material is used to make rugs.

My friends offered some useful tips on how to buy rugs and where to buy rugs, what size is suitable etc.

Based on two pages of data, I decided to buy a hand crafted Asian rug. Here it is a picture of it. I am yet to buy it.

Do you like it?

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