Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Useless guides to buy unlocked cell phones.

If I don’t like a particular cell phone service provider, then that’s it. I need no further convincing to stick to the existing company. I give utmost importance to the efficiency of the company than to the actual working of the mobile phone which after all is only a machine, though not a dumb machine.

When I decided to switch to a different mobile phone company, I was advised to buy an unlocked phone that will prove to be cheaper. This means someone is selling their cell phone which recently ended the service period agreement. And this means I can also put up my cell phone for sale as an unlocked phone.

Well, that is a different issue.

I am concerned about buying an unlocked phone for my immediate use and for that I wanted to know where I can buy it for cheap. When I looked out for some tips and guides, all I got was useless guides on what an unlocked phone is or how to unlock a mobile phone.

Any recommendation please?

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