Thursday, February 05, 2009

Watch it my son!

I keep breaking my own resolutions. Blame it on motherly affection. I suppose every mother that has only one son end spoiling her son and earning her husband’s wrath.

---->Khaki watch from the house of Hamilton.

The last time, I went to see a movie with my son, he wanted the motorcycle that the villain of the movie rode on. When I called a vehicle loan provider, My husband protested and as usual, I feigned deaf.

I placated my husband and promised I will not go out again with my son. And I broke the promise recently.

This time, he took me to the movie, “Men in black” and I knew I am going to spend a fortune when he repeatedly pointed out the watch the Hollywood star was wearing.

He sent several messages to his friends from his mobile, found out even before we came out of the theater that the watch that kindled desires in him was a Hamilton watch.

Oh, my heart sank! I know about Hamilton watches. They are costly but worth the price.

I know you have been eyeing on it here. Got the dough?

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