Monday, February 16, 2009

Yahoo's Myweb is closing.

Yahoo! MyWeb which is probably the least used social bookmark is being closed. Well, I don't use it like many others, so I don't have to move anything from Yahoo! MyWeb.

Yahoo! is of course not ditching its loyalists. Before they close the MyWeb on March 18th, they are offering some alternate solutions to the users of Myweb.

All the bookmarks on MyWeb will be automatically available in Yahoo! Bookmarks.

If you are also using Delicious, Yahoo announced a simple process of migration. First, export your MyWeb bookmarks in XML format and save it in your computer. Then log in to Delicious and upload the saved XML file by using the manual import option provided by Delicious.

And if you are not using Delicious, you are supposed to create an account with them.

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