Saturday, March 21, 2009

The honesty bar at a boutique hotel.

I may have to explain to you what is ‘honesty bar’ but I am sure you know what boutique hotels are and why they are a special kind of luxury hotels.

These so called boutique hotels are luxury hotels that treat their guests like VIPs and extend very personalized service. Boutique hotels are the first to introduce ‘honesty bar’ which means the guest using the honesty bar pays up honestly as there are no barmen in honesty bars.

A senior executive working in Ascend Collection group of boutique hotels wrote to me a couple of months back appreciating one of my blog posts. Only at that time, I first heard about Boutique Hotels that are less advertised and known to a special kind of elite travelers.

Honesty bar-I think that my husband is making a note of this word for obvious reasons.

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