Friday, March 13, 2009

How can you earn using Twitter?

Do you know that the Alexa rank of Twitter is 308?
Do you know that Twitter has about 80 million plus backlinks?
Do you know that Twitter's Google PR is 8?

Wonder what I am driving at?

If these statistics of a microblogging platform is any indication to what is coming in the near future, you better learn Twitter fully.

Here are some more microblogging platforms for all of us to explore and use. PR6 Alex rank 6266 PR6 Alexa Rank 56,670 (This is a 'Do Follow' one) PR7 Alexa Rank 2491

I had a list of some more microblogs that pass on link juice but i misplaced it? Do anyone of you know about them?

Do you know you can also earn using your twitter profile?

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