Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beg your pardon; I don’t hear you!

When I was handed over this ear piece, I was terribly confused. Why are they giving me a headphone before entering a granite quarry?

My nephew insisted that I accompany him to his work place at least on this special occasion when he took over the complete charge of the quarry.

I declared that I am not in the habit of hearing any music on the move. There was a hearty laugh around me.

I was immediately taken into the cubicle of the quarry’s safety officer where he explained about the ear safety equipment called ear muff that looked like a costly headphone to protect my ears from the explosive noise in the quarry.

Well, I thought, helmet is the only personal safety equipment. As if reading my thoughts, my nephew showed me various other ear muffs, eye protective gears such as eye washes etc.

Oh men, these people are risking their lives!

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