Sunday, March 01, 2009

A mathematician turned plumber.

My husband’s procrastination killed my patience. I could not stand his laziness anymore. This is too much.

After all, I bought the Delta faucet set with my credit card. It is me who is going to pay for it. I only need my husband’s help to install it in the guest’s bathroom and he has been giving lame excuses.

So, I decided to do it on my own. I bought a DIY (Do It Yourself) book on bathroom remodeling. After reading a couple of pages, I was stuck. Those plumbing tools made no sense to me. I don’t have them in the first place and even if I had, I would not know how to use them.

I avoided my husband’s scornful look. I knew I am taking a beating. Fixing faucets is just not a woman’s job that has never used any tools in her life apart from the whiteboard marker if at all that can be considered as a tool.

Finally, some compassion oozed out from my husband and we both installed the Delta faucet with the help of the self help book. Look at them, aren’t they gorgeous?

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