Saturday, February 28, 2009

Create your own free header image.

Once I envied bloggers who have uploaded stunning images on their blogs' header. I cursed myself for not possessing the technical skill for even uploading beautiful header images leave alone the resources for free header images.

Today, I have found a resource from where I can create header images of my choice. Hey, I just found it and I am yet to learn how to create header images.

I am happy to share my find with you. My Theme is the tool with which you can create images for your blogs' header. As I am looking at it now, the interface seems to be user friendly alright but I am yet to try.

I think you can edit pictures and videos and make an animated image too. Even the embedded texts can be animated.

For novices like me, there is even a video tutorial on how to use My Theme.

Thank you My Theme.

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