Thursday, March 26, 2009

Teach blogging in a different ambience.

My husband thinks in shockingly fresh ways. Some of his suggestions may sound wild and even stupid to others but I have learnt something from him. For example, he suggested I conduct my blogging training sessions in a different atmosphere and settings.

Instead of the banal classroom setting, he wanted me to try out our rather private entertainment room. It has stunningly unique home theater chairs that are arranged not in an orderly setting like you see in every household’s home theater.

The entertainment room is quite large that can accommodate several rows of home theater chairs if arranged traditionally. My husband rebelled at this very idea of seating arrangement arguing that a home theater doesn’t mean it has to look like a theater.

For my next month new training session, I am planning to carry out the new idea of conducting the class in a very coy setting. I hope the trainees will learn blogging quickly.

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