Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wordpress plugin for autoblogging.

I don't favor any kind of autoblogging method but I like to know about them. It may be useful to someone else.

I know about a few autoblogging software but they all cost money. But this WP plugin is all free with which you can create hundreds of blog posts automatically. Of course the technology behind this is RSS feed.

This wordpress plugin is known as WP-o-Matic. You can create blog posts automatically from the RSS feeds you choose.

I always wonder how to apply filters with the feeds you choose. You may still need to weed out some content-right?

Well, this WP plugin is supposed to come with some advanced filters which of course I don't know. If the interface is user friendly, then I foresee many bloggers use this wp plugin. When I saw the screenshots of this plugin, I believed it can be handled easily, even by me. Smile 4

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