Saturday, April 04, 2009

How to imprison your blog visitors in your blog?

From my experience I realize that I am retained in a blog that I visit when I see more such posts clearly by the side or at the end of the blog post I am reading.

Displaying the related posts is a definite way to retain your blog visitor in your blog for a long time.
As the visitor clicks on every related post, he will be shown more to visit. This had happened to me in Etienneteo blog and in John Chow blog.

Unfortunately, there is no widget in blogger that shows related posts but if you operate a WP plug, there is a plugin to display related posts.

In my Income Opportunities blog, I have a displayed a widget that shows all of my blog posts in that blog. This widget is developed by Vin of Blog Doctor. I find it very useful to retain the blog visitor.

You can visit my Income Opportunities blog and view the widget in the right sidebar under the name, "Money Makers". It is actually an archive of all of my blog posts.

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