Friday, May 08, 2009

How to get free, fresh tragetted traffic to your blogs.

125 exchange is some sort of mini banner exchange. It places your 125 x 125 banner ad on other blogs, and places other bloggers' ads on your blog.

Hmm.. Some publicity at free of cost! But we must have our own banners to bring in real fresh traffic. And the traffic can be real targeted one-what do you say?

I am impressed by their offering of 63 target blog categories so that you will be displaying your ad in front of readers that are especially interested in your topics. You are allowed to select in which category of blogs your ad should be displayed and similarly, you can say what kind of ads you will display in your blog.

Uploading of our ads should be easy with their step by step instructions that will be emailed.

For just launched blogs, 125 exchange is an excellent media to get targeted exposure.

Here are some unique features:

You can select the hours of the day or days of the week that you wish to advertise.

You can select which countries you prefer to trade traffic with.

Free banner impressions credit:

When you register, your account is credited with 5,000 banner ad impressions.

The site looks very professional and their follow up is good.

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