Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog for pay firms reviewed.

Why I have never thought of this? When my intention is to help blogger earn money, I should have done this long before.

Mr.Bryan has made a wonderful blog post reviewing several 'pay you to blog' offers. The review is written in a new style. The undertone of the review is to help bloggers to enter the field of blogging for money.

He has reviewed almost all of the present leaders in the 'get paid to blog' industry in a comprehensive manner. Except his favorite, I am involved in the rest of the companies that offer money to blog. His highly rated Blog Distributor has not opened its doors to non-U.S and non-Canadian bloggers.


"Blog Distributor (9 out of 10 stars)

Out of all the pay-per-post companies I reviewed, my personal favorite was Blog Distributor. They are a somewhat new site, and are putting the finishing touches on their system, but it was the most impressive ….

Pay Structure – You get paid at least $5.00 per posting and potentially much more if your blog has good Page Rank.

Blogger Pay – You are paid twice a month.

Maximum Job Opportunities - Unlimited

Notification of New Posting Opportunities - You are e-mailed the potential opportunity(s) and given a time frame to accept or reject it."

Please read Comparison Of Blog-For-Pay Firms

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