Saturday, May 16, 2009

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I already blogged about the service of

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In the ‘samples’, I have just given one detail but in the original email, you will all the details. For example, there are 10 requirements for ‘Guest post wanted’. You will have details of all the 10 requirements.

Guest Posts Wanted

1) Cash flow lessons learned, how to, tips needed
2) Learning Entrepreneurship
3) MamaCheaps Wants to Know How You Save (or Any Other Mama
4) Need Posts about Business Blogging and/or Web Design
5) Eating Healthy on a Budget
6) Looking for Blog Posts Related to Shopping, Saving Money,
Bargains, Deals, Etc.
7) Women Leading the way in Social Entrepreneurship
8) Christain Product Reviews
9) Careers blog: resume tips, interviewing, job search, career
10) Organic Gardening Tips

Guest Posts Available

11) Showing You How To Save Money
12) We're Experts on BIG Signs

Sources Needed

13) People to Interview about Meditation

Sample of Guest Posts Wanted:
Need Posts about Business Blogging and/or Web Design

Category: Business
Name: Ray Gulick
Blog or Website URL:

We are a web development firm that markets (among other products
and services) WordPress blogs for business. Interested in guest
posts about web design, blogging for business, or online marketing
for established businesses. Would like to publish one guest post per
week; open to ongoing relationship with blogger(s) who fit well.

Previously published OK?: Yes

Posts needed by (date): ongoing


Sample of guest posts offered:
We're Experts on BIG Signs

Category: Business
Name: Carol Liege
Blog or Website URL:

We just started a blog about signs. We're a global industry leader
in the design and manufacture of indoor and outdoor backlit,
edgelit, neon, prismatic, and 'frameless' frames for business
customers. We also make poster frames and literature displays, and
(under a subsidiary) billboards, bus shelters, and other outdoor
products. We have design, technical, engineering, sales, shipping,
management and manufacturing experts and expertise to share. We have
original articles from our staff ready we can share on decorating
with posters, avoiding excess shipping costs, and engineering new
signs. We can probably give you original articles if you make a

Are you offering original content (not previously published)?: Yes

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