Thursday, June 11, 2009

Expert wordpress blogging tutorial.

After much procrastination, I finally bought the most talked about “Expert Wordpress” system. It is a wordpress blogging video tutorial with bonus worth several years of work hours. So, you can guess its worth in terms of money.

EWP (Expert Wordpress Program) is the most easiest to follow wordpress blogging tutorial in the Internet. If I am giving such accolades, you should take it as true as I am one of the technical dumb in the world in spite of my 10 years of Internet experience.

I was a bit skeptical myself until I had a chance to try. It is really a no-brainer process of uploading one file, editing one file and then filling a few blanks on a web form and choosing the niche you would like to pursue.

Add to the fact a custom script that does the full blog configuration and customization based on a few answers you provide on web page and you got a clear winner.

But you really must see the video that shows you entire process to understand just how simple it is:

And it is very affordable. I was floored when I seen the price and my finger was clicking that order button before I even knew it!

To be frank, I am yet to put the videos to test but I have watched a few hours of the videos; they are superb.

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