Monday, June 15, 2009

Feed directory for long tail keywords.

I have discovered a fantastic RSS Feed search engine. This is a special one dear. FeedmilRSS search engine that is focusing on retrieving results based on long tail keywords.

Adding your blog feed is quick and painless. No registration, email confirmation etc.
Add you RSS Feed URL at Feedmil.

If you consistently blog with properly placed long tail keywords, Feedmil can do wonders to your blog's promotion.You are aware that RSS feeds are usually sourced from newsfeeds or blogs and also from RSS feed directories.
There cannot be a better technology than RSS to syndicate your blog content and I am also a big user of this technology. My news reader delivers as many 275 feeds daily.

May I request you for a favor?
Please Stumble this blog post and bookmark it in a couple of Social Media sites to help promote Feedmil. Oh, yes, you can directly spread the word using Feedmil URL also.

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