Friday, June 26, 2009

Free web sites to increase adsense earnings.

When my AdSense income suddenly started increasing, naturally I was very happy. But I never thought to find out the reason for the increase in AdSesne earnings.

I thought one should analyse the reasons when only something goes wrong. And I a wrong in my assumption. When my AdSense income showed signs of improvement, I should analyse the reasons for it so that I can increase my AdSensr earnings more.

But I don't know how to analyse the reasons for adsense income improvement. Then, I was asked to meet the AdSense girl who could help me to uncover the secrets to AdSense income.

I complied and paid a visit to AdSense Girl and I found that she is selling ready made web sites on various niches. But how can that help me to find out the secrets to adsense income? I am never nterested in ready made web sites. Was I wrongly directed?

Could be!
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