Monday, June 29, 2009

Where do you buy the best porcelain tiles?

I put my foot firm; I wanted a lemon green porcelain tile for the kitchen walls. I knew I am the cause for quite a few raised eyebrows and one or two voices too.

“Malathy, kitchen walls should sport ordinary white ceramic titles”. I said I wanted something extraordinary.

I even made the interior decorator to withdraw her arguments abruptly when I boasted about my recently acquired knowledge of porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles.

For example: “Porcelain tiles for walls are a bit difficult to install when compared to fixing ceramic tiles”.

This cornered the rather indignant interior decorator and she gave in surprisingly without fight.

Only after a month, I came to know that I won my argument because my so called knowledge about porcelain tiles for kitchen walls was half baked and the interior decorator made sure that people smirk at my back even today.

However, my kitchen looks lovely now and I am proud of my choice of lemon green porcelain tiles.

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