Sunday, July 19, 2009

Excellent strategy to bid successfully at freelance marketplaces.

After two months gap, I met my friend, Daniel Sudhakar in his office yesterday. He had invited a few people for an informal meeting about how to earn online as a freelance writer.

Daniel when answering to a question on how to make a winning bid on freelance marketplaces like Get a Freelancer, shared his experience and gave some excellent tips. They are given below.

* Freelance writers who is about to offer his bid for a project should first look for the average bid for that particular project.
* You should bid very close to that average bid amount.
* When you write about extra information, try to include the keywords that are found in the project detail.
* Instead of focusing on you, try to impress upon the job provider by telling him how your skills can benefit him.

I believe these points are very valuable and it was very kind of him to share his success.

But then, Daniel Sudhakar is a very kind man, always. It shows in his smile.
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