Monday, July 27, 2009

Leasing out space for a cell tower?

The house we will be moving in shortly has a huge terrace. My husband told me that I can have a portable office for my math academy. But I have other plan. I intend to make money using the space.

I received a call from a mobile phone service provider 4 days ago. He inquired whether I will be interested in letting out the space for a cell tower. The company offered attractive compensation.

My only concern was the safety. I also have read reports that cell towers are health hazardous. Another factor to be ironed out is the legal contract.

I searched the web and found out about, which offers various consulting services for those who would allow cell towers to be erected on their house.

Some of the services are quite useful:

How to negotiate the rate with cell tower owners

What points to be covered over the lease issues

How to negotiate the terms to renew the expired lease

The services provided by are unique and is rare to find.

Bookmark them for your future needs.

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