Saturday, August 22, 2009

You won’t find a buffet table here.

“You won’t find a buffet table here, it is only for kids”-explains executive vice president of Karisma, Mr. Lubo Krstajic, about the concept of Gourmet-Inclusive in Karisma Hotels that operates 5 ultra luxury beach resorts in Cancun, Mexico.

More commonly known as Riviera Maya among romantic cancun vacation seekers, it offers everything a beach lover is looking for. In fact, I would say the beach lovers will be hooked once and for all by the luxury and treatment offered by Karisma Hotels’ El Dorado Royale Spa Resort that is only meant for couples.

What is so special about this so called Gourmet Inclusive?

In the words of the web release of Karisma Hotels, “this is not your ordinary inclusive fare, service or locales. Karisma’s gourmet-level cuisine is served in sleek and sensual sit-down locales and fashion-forward bars. You won’t find a buffet table here…”

Let me entice you more:

Ice topped bars with hanging beds

Privately brewed wine from Mendoza Valley

I too was tempted once by the mention of tropical and fragrant flowers of the Cancun region but I generally don’t like beach holidays.

I heard that vacationers go to Riviera Maya for the exotic food, sensual wine and the tropical tequila is an added attraction for a die hard New Yorker.

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