Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Earn by blogging-Join You Say Too.

You say too is a make money blogging opportunity where, just by adding your blog, you can make some extra money.

Basically, Yao Say Too shares its page impression with its members; this means, your ads by Google, when clicked will fetch you some money.

Also, since you will be giving your Amazon affiliate id too, you are likely generate a sale or two and pocket the sale commissions.

The main advantage of joining these revenue sharing sites is the promotion of the parent site is taken care of by the developers of the website. This facilitates some instant traffic to your blog.

Join You Say Too for free and earn more by referring people.

You can create or join existing groups to network with like minded people.

You can also write your blog entries.

Use You Say Too to promote your blogs and blog posts.
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