Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why Digg? It is a waste of time.

One of very early blog post (Think again before social bookmarking)on how it is a waste of time doing social bookmarking created quite a stir but I somehow got on to the first page Google search results for the keyword "How to Digg".

I still stand by my claim that "Digg"ing is a waste of time unless:
You have your fairly large network of Diggers
You Digg only tech or political news
You Digg frequently
You submit only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. (it is only the opinion of seasoned marketers)

My Don'ts:
Don't ever give in to Digg exchange. It won't yield any desired results.
Don't pay money to get Dugg. Waste of money.

So, ...?

So what?
Just stay out of Digg as a promotional website but use it to generate blog content ideas.

Forgive me Chris.

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