Monday, December 07, 2009

No more dark eye circles and eye bags.

Eyes-they are the true expression of our soul. They can’t hide any emotion. They are also the actual beauty enhancers of our face. Eyes are the first thing we notice in anyone’s face.

Keeping your eyes free from eye bags and dark circles as you age is not an easy task. But with right eye exercises and applying the right creams and eye drops, one can have bright eyes.

It is not only women that are bothered with dark eye circle but men too. For example, yesterday, I noticed my son spending a long time in front of the mirror. He seems to be perturbed with his puffy eyes. Like him, most of the computer engineers are affected with this malady because of long working hours in front of the computers.

I gave him some home remedies and also suggested the best cream that is said to remove the dark eye circles in less than a fortnight.
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