Friday, January 22, 2010

A golden egg laying duck is roaming unidentified.

I just wasted my time reading 13 ebooks on blogging and making money by blogging. All of them were just garbage. Not a page in them will be useful even to a beginner blogger.

When compared to them, my e-course on making money by blogging is a pure jewel that is absolutely valuable but one cannot real estimate its in value in terms paper currency.

My ecourse content is full of top quality content that starts from setting up of blog with to complete blog promotion guide. The e-course is filled with easy to understand screenshots.

There are a number of screenshot based manuals that deal with:
* How do use Digg
* How to use Technorati
* How to use Mybloglog and Blog catalog (blogging communities)

Plus, I give hundreds of resources o how to make money by blogging. These resources alone run to several pages and all of them are guaranteed money makers.

I give free video tutorial on wordpress blogging system.
I continue to give support through email as long as I live.

And I only charge $65 for the e-course.

Those who are not using my e-course are ignoring a golden egg laying duck.

ps: my ecourse is only for those who are residents of Madras.

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