Monday, January 18, 2010

New steps involved in custom domain publishing.

I wish Blogger is little more explicit in explaining how to set up your blog on a custom domain that is hosted free of charge by blogger. For a beginner, it is definitely a serious matter and without personal guidance, it is impossible to get it going.

So far, I have done this 10 times for myself and to a few of my friends. Every time I do, I am confused but ultimately managed with the help of my dependable domain seller whose service has no match anywhere in the world.

Previously, all I have to do was change the nameservers and create a CName record. Now, Bloggers says we have to create 4 'A' records too. Even after completing the work, we have no way to confirm whether have done our work properly or not.

We can know only after two days when the domain gets across all the servers in the world.
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