Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whenever you find it hard to sleep…

There is an ancient quote in Tamil that has spoken beautifully about keeping our colon clean. Decongesting our entire body once a month with the use of natural colon cleansers or contemporary colon cleansing pill is as essential as brushing our teeth twice a day.

Some of the effects of polluted colon:


Poor sleep


But do we really attribute unclean colon for such body defects? No! We, with our partially collected heath facts accuse poor quality food, hard bed and monotony in work for the above maladies.

One can find effective medicines to clean the colon or use Aloe Vera. In our family, we use aloe vera juice regularly that keeps our body colon spotless.

I will tell you a symptom for accumulated body toxins. Whenever you find it hard to sleep, then you can definitely say your colon needs your immediate attention.

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