Sunday, February 28, 2010

buy sell ads revisited

Yes, it is time that I turned my attention on making money from blogs through space selling. It is quite some time since I explored on new blogging for money avenues and especially by selling ad space.

One of the top rated (not by me ) players in this field is Buy Sell Ads ( and I saw some big advertisers in their inventory. The bloggers who want to publish ads on their blogs to get paid can earn handsome money for just placing an advertisement but blogs criteria for approval by will turn away most of the bloggers. is an online advertising network, a sort of meeting point for bloggers and advertisers that helps advertisers to find Web sites and blogs best suited for their ads and budgets.

Earning money by blogging opens many avenues for bloggers and selling ad space is definitely the easiest way because it involves almost nothing on your part to do anything to earn money.

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