Friday, March 05, 2010

How to earn money from your blogs without advertising?

I am sure it is possible to make money from your blogs other than the proven methods like PPC and direct text and banner ads.

You too know these methods but you may not have tried them out due to reasons such as lack of belief or other personal reasons.

Shall we do a quick review of the ways to earn money by blogging without placing advertisements?

Earn as a Pro-Blogger:

There are several blog marketing companies that hire bloggers to blog about their clients. These are also called blogging jobs or sponsored posts. Bloggers can apply to blogging jobs to earn money by blogging.

Offer guest posts:

You can offer to write blog posts to be posted in others’ blogs in your niche for a fee. This is a very potential area to earn money as a freelance blogger.

Earn by ghost writing:

It is similar to sponsored posts but the only difference is you don’t post your writing in your blog but on others’ blogs without any credit to you. This means you won’t be the official author of your blog posts but you still get paid.

Offer your services:

If you can teach others blogging or offer blog SEO services, you can make good money provided your services should be competitive. Script installation service is always in good demand. One can find several requests for script installations in popular forums and online market places.

Affiliate marketing:

This is often ignored by beginner bloggers without realizing its true potential. Income generated by affiliate sales can be much more than all other methods. If you learn how to carefully select hot selling digital information products, then it can be very lucrative.

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