Monday, March 08, 2010

Eat and burn.

I was laughed at when I told my brother about how he can burn his belly fat by eating certain foods. Obviously, he has no knowledge about foods that burn fat.

“Then why would obese people go on a stringent diet plan, do all those crazy exercises and consume bottles of weight loss pills to burn the fat”?-he asked me quite naively.

I knew I have a tough task ahead to make him understand. I changed the expression of my face and took the smirk off my face and listed out the foods that burn the body fat slowly because those food possess a quick rate of metabolism.

I think the entire world of fat people don’t take foods that contain more soluble fiber. Oats is the king of fiber content. There are known Indian spices such as cinnamon which also helps the food to burn at a faster rate.

There is this wonder fruit called Gooseberry that has more vitamin than apple and it is known for its fat fighting qualities.

Oh, I can list out more foods that burn belly fat but why don’t you email me if you want it?

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