Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Is blogging going to be obsolete?

If someone asks me, "Is blogging going to be obsolete?" after seeing the growth of micro blogging platforms, I would not ridicule the person who asked but I would seriously think laterally.

Sure, there are a few micro blogging sites like Tumblr that is not heard loud and clear these days because Twitter has swallowed every other micro blogging platforms.

But what about this one- Sprouter is a new entrant in micro blogging industry. It asks you to say "what are you working on" and I believe is seriously for businessmen. I noticed so many CEO's as fellow Sprouters.

Yes, like Twitter, you can opt to follow others and in fact follow the Sprouter itself in Twitter.

No, blogging will not be wiped away but peer to peer connectivity is made much easier through micro blogging networks and I foresee Sprouter is going to be a pioneer.
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