Friday, February 05, 2010

A suitcase full of ipods.

“Mom, how will you react when you are shown a suitcase full of ipods and told to take your pick”-asked my son.

“I don’t know son; I may probably ask you to choose”-I replied. I am that much dumb when it comes to weigh anything technical. Sure, I love iPods and can play it alright but that’s all.

At the most, I will pick an ipod that has vibrant colors and can store all of my songs.

Ah yes, I showed off my knowledge about ipod when I told my son that a freelance copywriter named Vinnie Chieco who first coined the name ‘ipod’.

Then I asked my son whether he is planning to bring a suitcase full of iPods. He told me that one of his colleagues just bought 8 iPods as gifts for his family members and stuffed all of them in a small leather pouch and showed it to him.

8 iPods? Crazy guy-eh?

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