Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shrinking wishfully?

If a person says, “I am not dieting but shrinking wishfully’, then you can assume that person has already hit a bottle of the ephedra diet pills unless he/she really is selective in the food consumption.

For example, when my son visited us last weekend, he requested me to give him a tray of fruits only for lunch. Is that the reason for the new shine on his face? You can say he is wishfully shrinking his frame.

Even I did try a trick to shrink my bulk by surviving on organic green tea for half a day. I have skipped lunch and took two cups of green tea only. I gave up after just 6 days.

But this kind of wishful shrinking may not produce such fast results yielded by the consumption of diet pills. They are wholesome food supplements that will suppress the tendency to eat any kind of food.

Weight loss diet pills are generally featured in product review sites based on the consumers’ feedback. Review sites can be helpful in choosing any product.

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