Sunday, February 14, 2010

Automatic income using your wordpress blog.

I wonder what is going to be in store for all every wordpress blogger in future. I already have seen quite a few WP plugins that can generate a constant stream of income automatically.

Wordpress blog monetization is seeing revolutionary changes. Plugin developers are creating automatic income generating plugins tapping into the multi billion dollar affiliate marketing. Info products selling is being made easy these days with plugins and micro blogging platforms such as Twitter and Sprouter.

What it does?
It automaticaly creates a post into your wordpress blog whenever a new info product is added into its database and the blog post contains your affiliate link. This means, once you install this plugin in your WP blog domain, you never to do anything else but to see the commission delivered into your Paypal account instantly when your blog generates a sale through your affiliate link.

Multiple domains:
You can install this plugin in multiple domains.

See a sample blog installed with this commissions automator plugin:

How much?
It is just $4.97
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