Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why should know about CLA?

You will be instantly put off if you start staring at words that won’t trigger your brain. So, I will make it the simplest: CLA is one of the essential ingredients in fat loss products.

Yes, I know you will read on now!

CLA is an isomer... oh; I promised I will not write anything too technical. Well, CLA is another form of Linoleic Acid which is naturally found in dairy products.

It is supposed to build firm muscles and enhances your ability to burn calories more naturally.

Are you beginning to understand the relation between about CLA and weight loss?

It will be interesting to read more about CLA based products in

A little Trivia:

Type “Linoleic Acid” (without quotes) in your word doc, highlight it and right click on it. Scroll down to Synonyms and you will see the following words:





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