Monday, March 15, 2010

Automatic blog title generator.

I came to know about an online web tool that can generate attractive titles for blog posts that are sure to act as link baits. I mean, such titles if hyperlinked can attract clicks on them.

We all come up with attractive titles once in way but we get suck up for title ideas for most of the time. What this web tool asks us to do is just enter a subject in a box and state whether it is a singular or plural subjects.

You then hit 'submit' button and you instantly see a title based on your subject input. Then, just below the title you see a button 'Generate'. Click on it to generate more titles on the same subject.

Wonderful idea and great innovation-right?

Here is the tool:

I tried 'Hair Loss' and these are the titles that got generated.
* Why hair loss sucks: myth vs. reality
* 9 crazy ways that hair loss is infiltrating pop culture
* The 8 most baffling things about hair loss
* 10 of the best hair loss movies of all time
* 10 ways hair loss can help you get a date

Hmmm... quite good I would say.

Look at my won creative work on the subject.
* Mane matters
* Man(e)fully attractive
* The Crowning glory

You can say my work is also good but they are not very good link baiters in the contemporary Internet marketing world-eh?

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