Friday, March 26, 2010

Earn royalties for your articles.

One of this blog readers politely reminded me about my promise to blog about a free blog traffic generating site that I recently joined and started experimenting with it.

The site is and it is a revenue sharing site. You can submit your articles (can be already published work) to wiki nut and start seeing near instant traffic to your blog provided your contribution is interestingly written.

Wikinut is an article directory operating from England. The user interface is slightly different than other popular article directories. I feel it is not easy to submit and a bit complicated. I do not know why they have constructed their site like that.

Unlike other revenue sharing sites, you don't have to give your Google AdSense id to Wikinut. They pass on a share of their ad revenue and credit it to your account daily in British pounds. Yes, you can see the amount in your account stats page daily.

The amount you earn depends on your content and the views and comments it gets.

Join WIKINUT now! Increase readership to your articles, promote your blog and earn a little money too.

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