Monday, March 08, 2010

Why Adipex P has failed?

If I remember right, adipex p is probably the earliest appetite suppressant that was introduced in the weight loss market in 1959. Yes, it was approved by FDA, became an instant hit.

But, widespread complaints of side effects like insomnia, headache and so on, saw its demise. In fact, the list of harmful side effects caused by Adipex P is rather big.

As of today, there are several prescribed weight loss pills in the market and their consumer rating keeps fluctuating. Personally, I would vote for Nuphedragen and I know it has worked for a few friends of mine.

But every appetite suppressant causes some psychological problem for those who depend on such diet pills. Appetite is a natural gift for every living being and to kill it, is such a waste of life.

It is my personal opinion.

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