Thursday, April 29, 2010

Promote your blog posts. Increase backlink.

Seeded Buzz is briskly promoting itself. Every blogger should take note of It is a free platform to promote individual blog posts and get it rated too by other bloggers.

Bloggers plant a seed when they promote their blog posts. They in turn get connected with bloggers with similar interested topic.

So what is a seed?
A seed is a snippet of your blog post. Other bloggers who are looking for similar ideas or those who are looking for content ideas may to pick up and blog about it giving you the credit for source.

There! You got a valid one way backlink!

I read in Seeded Buzz that your seeds get Tweeted too! That is free traffic mate!

So, where is the buzz?
Hey, that is what I have been talking about. When your seed is mentioned by others, it is a 'BUZZ'-right?

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