Sunday, May 02, 2010

Can insulin and fat burner go together?

My husband is diabetic. He takes insulin twice a day before food and swallows a fat burner diet pill after food. What a combination-insulin and diet pill!

It is not that he is serious about burning the unwanted fat on his waist. He is strictly a doctors’ patient.

When he started taking insulin three moths before, he began to eat more. Correspondingly, he does not exercise, thus accumulating fat on his waist.

During one of his periodical visit to his doctor, my husband proudly showed the readings of blood glucose taken since his previous visit. But his doctor brushed aside the paper and reprimanded him for not taking care of his body fat.

He immediately started a course of fat burner diet pill. The doctor took me aside and told me not to feed my husband, as he demands.

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